Checking Proofs

The best time to see what your actual printed job will look like before it is printed is when a proof or blueline is provided. When you are checking the proof, be sure to check for:

  • Overall size. Check that the whole piece is the right size and that the live area within the trim marks is sized correctly.
  • Folding. Be sure folding is correct. Be sure that crossovers that jump the gutter are properly aligned. Do sides backup as they should? Are pages in correct order?
  • Perfs/Scores/Die Cuts. Check for proper placement of perfs and scores. Be sure that die cut areas are indicated on the proof in the place they should be.
  • Logos. Do all logos appear as they should? If a logo looks “jagged or bitmapped” on the proof, it will appear the same on the printed piece. Check logo color breaks.
  • Type. Check that all fonts are correct. Check reflow, placement and color. Using a loupe will be helpful.
  • Images. Check position, color, size and density.
  • Color. Be sure all color is correct. Are color breaks clearly indicated? If varnish is being applied, is it indicated?
  • Flaws. Are there any spots, objects or colors appearing that should not be there?