The origins of Keystone Press can be traced back to a basement facility in Midtown Atlanta back in the 1950s, the classic “mom and pop” print shop, owned and operated by Mr. & Mrs. BP Meyer. In 1971 Reid Trapani, a volunteer member of a local high school booster club began working with the Meyers on the high school football printed program. A relationship was formed and soon thereafter Mr. Trapani and his wife Mary Ann purchased the business and relocated in the Chamblee area. The family environment has continued over the past 35+ years as Mr. & Mrs. Trapani were joined by two of their sons.

Over the years the printing industry has seen revolutionary changes in the manufacturing process. Keystone Press has always remained an active participant in keeping with modern technology without sacrificing the time-honored tradition of providing a quality product, at a fair price, within a reasonable time period.

Keystone Press offers complete services to handle your needs with regards to electronic pre-press, offset printing, finishing and fulfillment.

Keystone Press is dedicated to serve you now and for many more years to come.