We can provide you with a press check if you request one. When you are conducting the press check, there are many things to look for. Some of the things to look for when doing a press check are:

  • Scan the entire sheet first. Match it against the prepress proof.
  • Paper. Check that the job is being printed on the right paper.
  • Registration. Changes in the paper can occur after it runs through the press. Make sure this has not affected registration. For example, look for dots that may be hanging at the edge of a photo or screened box.
  • Color in critical areas. On prepress proofs, you checked and corrected any problems in color reproduction. However, dot gain, ink density and paper color can affect the job once it’s on press. Check critical color areas again. If using spot colors, check these against the Pantone match book.
  • Flaws. Look for hickies, ghosting, scumming, roller marks, broken type/rules, pinholes and other flaws.