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Printing Resources

File Preparation

Document Setup. The page size should be the trim size of the printed piece. If bleed is needed extend the "box" 1/8" beyond the edge of your page. Lay out documents in readers spreads.

  • Colors. Use Pantone spot colors or CMYK. If RGB or other non-CMYK colors are used, the necessary conversion of color will change their appearance, in some cases, drastically.
  • Text. Instead of using the style palette to Bold or Italicize your type, use the actual font.
  • Images. Images need to be at least 300 dpi and placed near 100% of size. Lower resolution images or drastically enlarged images will result in bitmapping. Save images as EPS or TIFF files. Avoid embedded or nested images.
  • Photoshop. If your file has layers please include a copy of the original layered psd on your disk as well as the EPS file.
  • Support files. Supply only the files needed to produce the job. Include all supporting graphic files and name them the same as the files placed in your document. Changing or modifying graphics after placement can cause it to import incorrectly. To collect support files in Quark use the "Collect for output" command, and in Pagemaker use the "Save for Service Provider" plug-in.
  • Fonts. Include all screen and printer fonts. Include any used in support files.
  • Use Mac versions of software if available. PC software is more likely to create separation, font or image problems. If limited to PC software feel free to contact our electronic pre-press department before submitting files to ensure correct output of files.